This Is What A Foot Bath With Vinegar Can Do For You



Have you ever wondered which part of our body needs more attention? Yes! It’s our feet. usually, we don’t pay much attention to our foot care and end up with an itchy feeling between our toes during sandal season. This is something that is not common; it is simply a case of medical negligence. Most people neglect their feet for a long time. if you are among one of them, this is the best time to pay some attention to your feet and make them relax.

I understand that it is hard to make a pedicure appointment during your busy schedule, but believe me, you can do it at home with some water and vinegar. This is the best yet most effective home remedy. Now, if you are wondering how this works? Let me show you.

Vinegar has many positive effects on the human body, and among them, curing foot infections and pain is the most popular. Here I am sharing some valuable uses of vinegar that might help you answer your question.

Vinegar Soothes Swimmer’s Eczema

Eczema is a common fungal infection whose target areas are usually soles of feet and between toes. Swimmer’s eczema is generally caused by swimming in infected pool water. In addition, you can also get infected if you habitually walk with bare feet. This fungal infection leaves you with dry, scaly, and itchy skin. In severe cases, it can cause inflammation and even blisters.

Now vinegar comes into action, vinegar is naturally an anti-fungal remedy, and it can help you get rid of this condition naturally and without pain. All you need is to give your feet a vinegar bath. The pungent smell of vinegar will drive away from the infection, and you will start feeling better.

Remember, if you want to reduce the symptom and inflammation, try a vinegar pedicure regularly or alternatively.


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