These Genius Car Hacks are Huge Lifesavers




Sure, you know how your car works. You’ve never read the manual, but you know where the wiper button is, how to work the AC and the radio, where the hazard lights are, and hopefully how to change a tire in a pinch. What you never knew you needed, though, were these genius yet simple car hacks, which we’re sure you’d never find in a standard auto manual. Everything from minor annoyances to major, lifesaving pinch-fixes, you’ll find in here. Sick of defrosting your windows every morning? We’ve got the solution. Stuck on the side of the road with a broken fan belt? That’s in here, too. Read on to discover these ridiculously useful secrets!

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Fix a Dent With a Plunger and Hot Water


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Have an unsightly dent in the side of your car? Don’t fret! We all make mistakes, and it’s actually pretty easy to fix: Just boil water in a teapot or saucepan and pour it over the affected area, then take the plunger and pull. If the body isn’t too severely damaged, the dent should come right out, and if not, it should at least look less prominent.


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