The Grossest Foods from Each U.S. State


Esch U.S. state has its own culture, land marks, and yes, food. However, for every delicious regional dish, there are some meals that can be downright questionable to out-of-staters. However, these gross foods have come to define their states.

Some are strange combos of foods, while others are just strange to many Americans (Seriously, you won’t believe how many kinds of rodents are eaten around the country). However, they all share the common theme of being beloved by their respective state’s natives, despite what anyone else thinks.

Our list of gross foods from each state is continuing to grow, so make sure to check back for the complete list.

Alabama – Ambrosia Salad


Source: @IvyKungu Twitter

Ambrosia Salad, generally a mixture of various fruits, marshmallows, whipped cream, and nuts is the “pride” of Alabama. It also looks like someone poured a half-eaten bowl of Lucky Charms into a container of coleslaw and brought it to the potluck.


Alaska – Akutaq

Source: Wikipedia

Akutaq, also known as Alaskan ice cream song other names, is picture of whipped animal fat (generally fish, moose, or caribou) mixed with various types of berries and served Raw. Alaskans swear by the dish as a delicious dessert, but to many not from the state it’s a bit of an acquired taste.

Arizona – Sonoran Dog

Source: Wikipedia

These loaded to dogs have become an Arizona special, though they originated in the Mexican state of Sonora (hence the name). Sonoran dogs feature a hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with pinto beans, jalapenos, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mayo, and mustard. Suffice to say, they’re a lot.

Arkansas – Fried Fruit Pies

Source: Science A2Z

Arkansas’s fried fruit pies aren’t particularly gross, but something about the taste of deep-fried fruit pie is just unsettling.

California – I-N-Out Animal Style Burger

Source: Twitter/@offaim


Okay, hold your pitchforks and torches. Yes, In-N-Out is a cultural institution on the west coast, and yes their burgers are good. That said, the animal style is just a bit over the top. All that meat and cheese is just a stomach ache and (a coronary) waiting to happen.

Colorado – Rocky Mountain Oysters


Source: RoadFood

We can hear the geography-inclined amongst you now: Colorado is landlocked, how can they be known for oysters? Well, Rocky Mountain Oysters aren’t actually oysters. They’re actually deep fried bull testicles. Yup.


Connecticut – Clam Pizza

Source: Wikipedia

There are loads of northeast residents who would swear by New Haven-style white clam pizza. However, for many outside the Tri-State Area, the idea of warm clams instead of cheese is a… perplexing switch.


Delaware – Scrapple

Source: Wikipedia

Scrapple is a “mush of pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal and wheat flour, often buckwheat flour, and spices” which is then pan-fried. Sounds just a wee-bit heavy for breakfast, no?

Florida – Gator

Source: RealTree

What else could we choose for Florida? Despite the incessant claims that gator just tastes like chicken, it’s still just a wee bit weird to think about eating it.


Georgia – Peanuts in Coke

Source: Twitter/@artistspo

Is there anything more Georgia than peanuts (the states famed agricultural export) and Coke (the famed soda company is headquartered in the state)? However, let’s be real: peanuts soaked in coke sound less like purposely prepared snack and more like something that accidentally happened on a bar counter.

Hawaii – Spam Musubi

Source: Wikipedia

Spam is wildly popular in Hawaii. Whereas many mainlanders view the canned meat with derision, those on the islands treat the food with reverence, often referring to it as Portagee Steak. One of the oddest (to outsiders) spam dishes in Hawaii is Spam Musubi, which is essentially a faux-Sushi made up of cooked Spam placed atop rice and wrapped in a band of nori.

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