The Best and Worst Bargains at Costco


1. Don’t Buy: Kift castco rkland Laundry Detergent


It would seem logical to think that buying detergent in bulk is a good idea. Yes, you will definitely save some money buying this bargain brand in bulk.
But it might surprise you to learn that detergent has a shelf life. Experts say after six months of being opened, detergent begins to lose its effectiveness.  So unless you have a large and very messy family, you’re probably better off skipping this purchase.
2. Buy: Maple Syrup

Real maple syrup is expensive. As a result, most syrup out there is actually artificial maple flavoring and corn syrup.

Honestly, there is no substitute for the real stuff and it turns out Kirkland’s pure maple syrup is a great deal. Expect to pay almost half the price of what you would pay for pure maple syrup at your local grocery store.

3. Don’t Buy: Books

It’s impossible to miss the giant tables of books in the middle of every Costco. And books don’t exactly qualify for the normal bulk discount.

Turns out the savings don’t add up and you can usually find better discounts online (Amazon) or during sales in bookstores. Plus, you will have a much bigger selection.

4. Buy: Olive Oil

Olive oil is a staple in most kitchens these days. So why not purchase a few big containers at a time, especially since it will allow you to save money.

Besides being a total bargain, Costco’s olive oil is high quality, extra virgin and even organic. This one is a definite buy for everyday cooking which will allow you to splurge on a small bottle of fancy olive oil for special occasions.


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