We sometimes run across trendy beauty hacks that seem a little bit out of the ordinary, whether it’s washing your hair with coca-cola, or using red lipstick under your eyes to hide dark circles. Yet if you think that these hacks are strange, wait until you go through our 7 weird things people and celebrities have used for beauty treatments….

1 – Breast Milk

The benefits of breast milk are so numerous when it comes to feeding babies, but did you know that it has many more advantages?
The antibodies in breast milk heal cuts, diaper rash, and cool down burns. It has also been proven that breast milk is a great acne treatment because of the lauric acid it contains that fights face, chest, and back acne. It’s a pretty good natural resource for natural beauty.

If you think using breast milk is bizarre, wait until you read about the next one.

2- Bird Poop

Oh yeah, ” bird poop “. You have probably seen a few beauty youtube channels of beautubers trying bird poo facials, or heard someone saying that Victoria Beckham tried it, if not, let me tell you about it.
The Bird Poo Facial or also called Geisha Facial is an old Japanese facial treatment that has been used for centuries to achieve shiny and bright skin. Want to know how?….

Well, it says that bird poop contains keratolytic or also knows as urea: an organic compound that works as a natural skin moisturizer.
The poop droppings are collected, sanitized then turned into a powder. The powder is later on mixed with water to create a paste, and the paste is used as a mask.
You can purchase the mask or the poo based soap on amazon along with other related beauty products, under the Japanese name of the facial ” Uguisu Poo Uguisu No Fun”.

3- Hemorrhoid Cream

You might be wondering, how can haemorrhoid cream be used for beauty purposes?
The cream tightens the skin, so it is used by some women to reduce under-eye puffiness and to smooth wrinkles.
Believe it or not, the cream was once used by Kim Kardashian West to tighten her under-eye wrinkles. Thinking much about adding hemorrhoid cream to Kim’s beauty supply?
However, bear in mind that the excessive use of the cream is unrecommended by doctors, especially when it’s not a preparation H cream with BioDyne because it might worsen some skin problems especially when it’s applied on the face.

You better keep reading to know about what weird cream Margot Robbie uses on her lips.

4- Nipple Cream

Nipple cream is known to be a great moisturizer, not only for your nipples but also for your lips. Lip skin is thin just like the skin around the nipples; therefore, using it on them safely hydrates, protects, and heals cracked lips.
And yes, Margot Robbies said she used it herself. Maybe it’s now time to add a Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Tube to your first aid beauty kit for gorgeous lips.

5- Pizza Grease

Let’s say you’re having a delicious pizza then you notice that your lipstick is gradually getting ruined while eating. Dip a napkin in your pizza grease and wipe it off, because apparently pizza grease is a great makeup removal.
Pizza grease is mostly melted butterfat that comes out of the cheese as an oil, and the oils’ slippery and unctuous texture does the work when it comes to makeup removal.
Using pizza grease is probably not the best beauty tip to adopt, yet now you have an alternative if you’re ever in a rush to remove your makeup but have nothing but a pizza in front of you.

6- Glue Sticks

Some people use glue sticks as an alternative to brow gel. Crazy right? Yet many of them say it works, even Queen B’s makeup artist says he already tried it on her.
Glue has the ability to set the eyebrows and withstand their shape. If you are curious about testing this hack out, make sure to use a washable glue stick. Rub a clean mascara wand against the glue for a thin layer then spread and comb it thoroughly on your eyebrow.
You can also use hair spray or a soap bar for the same purposes.

7- Onion Juice

Onions contain a lot of good vitamins for hair growth. The great amount of sulfur boosts blood supply which stimulates the follicles. Applying onion juice directly on the scalp will fight hair thinning and make hair thicker.
You can try this hack by blending one purple onion with half a cup of water, then filtering the mixture using a cheesecloth to extract the juice. You can later on apply the juice and let is sit it for at least 30 minutes. Wash your hair and voilà.
Doing this will prevent hair loss, reverse the process of greying hair, treat dry, itchy scalp, and give you healthy hair in all.


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