Food Exports From Around The World That You Should Think Twice Before Eating


Foods from all across the world are seen as luxurious, but that doesn’t always mean that it’s the best quality. Yes, most produce from around the world gets its status of being luxurious from being incredibly high-quality. However, in certain cases, according to a report by the USDA: “addressing safety risks associated with these imports is difficult because of the vast array of products from China, China’s weak enforcement of food safety standards, its heavy use of agricultural chemicals, and its considerable environmental pollution.” While not all products that are exported by China are problematic, it is important to do your due diligence and make sure the food you plan on enjoying is safe.

Apple Juice



China is one of the largest agricultural producers on the planet. However, this booming industry is known to use some pretty questionable methods to keep up with this ever-growing demand. Some apple juice can have arsenic in it, which can cause serious health problems.




Much of the ginseng that’s available in the US comes from China. It is one of the most popular foods being exported by the country. However, that doesn’t mean it’s safe. There have been some cases where it was found that the root containsed some traces of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.


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