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Conditions for studying in Canada 2021 Conditions and study costs

The first step is for the person wishing to immigrate to find a study program suitable for his current major or for the specialization he would like to start studying in Canada.
Several conditions should be taken into account when searching for a study program, including that the program be short. The conditions for granting a work permit after study accept short programs that do not exceed 8 months, and if we do not recommend a program that is too short due to the difficulty of finding work with its qualifications in Canada, the duration that seems reasonable They are two-year programs on average.

Of course, the student can choose programs of three years or more, but the high costs of study for foreigners in Canada must be taken into account, and Canadian immigration and work permit laws change rapidly, so it is preferable to choose the shortest study period to ensure benefit from the PGWPP program.

Post-secondary institutions in Canada are divided into two parts: universities and community colleges. I think that it is better for foreign students to enroll in the second type, due to the high costs of universities, and the programs of community service colleges are short, ranging from one to three years, and their qualifications are fully recognized in Canada, but they sometimes preferred, as the study is based on the practical side, and its specializations are mostly required, such as information technology, health service technology, metal and wood technology…etc.
To search for studies in universities, you can use the website,

Which contains a database of programs offered by Canadian universities, and for searching for programs in community colleges, you can use sites that display the colleges available in each province, such as the following site for Ontario colleges /

Obtaining a work permit after the study, the graduate has the right to apply for a work and residence permit in Canada under the following conditions:

The study program should have lasted at least 8 months full-time
The study program should be affiliated to a government educational institution or a private educational institution that follows the same regulations and rules as government institutions.
The work permit must be submitted within 90 days of the applicant’s graduation
The applicant’s study permit must be valid at the time of submitting the work permit application

As for the duration of the work permit that will be granted to the applicant, it is as follows:

If the study period ranges from 8 months to two years, a work permit is granted for a period not exceeding the duration of the study (i.e. a maximum of two years).
If the study period is more than two years, he will be granted a work permit for 3 years.
This work permit is not granted to certain scholarship holders from Canada and to those who choose an online study program Distance learning

Applying for immigration After obtaining a work permit and temporary residence in Canada, the graduate’s primary task is to find work, as a Canadian experience gives an additional 70 or 80 points when applying for the Express Entry program to Canada. Also, obtaining a valid work contract at the time of application often guarantees acceptance, as 600 degrees are granted for the employment contract only.

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