7 good reasons to study in Canada

7 good reasons to study in Canada

Preparing for your future is a step in life that can be as scary as it is exciting. So many possibilities and avenues! To broaden their horizons and live a new experience, many students choose to study abroad.

Among all the possible destinations, Canada is very popular. In fact, the number of international students has increased considerably in recent years. Why is the country of the maple leaf so popular? Here are 7 good reasons to study in Canada.

1. Work in a bilingual environment
Canada is a bilingual country. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop your language skills in order to get an interesting job! English and French are taught as an integral part of the education system, which obviously enriches the cultural offerings and community life.

2. Benefit from an education that is recognized around the world
Canadian university and college degrees are recognized around the world. The Canadian education system encourages interdisciplinarity and the development of transferable skills (critical thinking, teamwork, communication) and remains on the cutting edge of technology and digital media.

In the 2018 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, five Canadian universities are in the top 100.

Find the school you’re interested in on the Education in Canada website.

3. Have the opportunity to gain Canadian work experience after graduation
The Canadian government offers a work program for students who have graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution and want to gain work experience. This is a great way to continue the Canadian experience while adding to your skills and knowledge.

4. Riding the Canadian technology wave
The telecommunications, digital media, video games, biotechnology and aeronautical engineering industries are particularly strong in Canada. Indeed, Canada was the first country to link schools and libraries via the Internet through its innovative SchoolNet program.

It is not surprising that nearly 90% of households are connected to the Internet. According to a study by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), Canadians are the second highest users of the Internet in the world, spending an average of 41.3 hours per month online. Among G8 countries, Canada ranks 2nd in the world for Internet penetration2. You will have access to WiFi throughout Canada, for example through the “Wireless Island” initiative which allows Internet users to surf for free throughout Montreal. You’ll have no trouble staying in touch with your family and friends!


5. Enjoy a high quality of life
According to the QS university rankings, three Canadian cities – Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver – were identified among the 50 best student cities, based on several criteria, including accessibility, the diversity of its student population and the perception that employers have of graduates in the job market.

Canada offers an enviable quality of life: the cost of living (housing, transportation, tuition) is lower than in other countries such as the United States, France and Great Britain, and the living environment is safe, stable and respectful of the rights of individuals and communities.

6. Enjoy an enriching cultural experience
Canada’s diversity offers a rich and vibrant cultural life. To start exploring, check out the tourism websites of each Canadian province. Here are some suggestions for must-see experiences.

Rinse your ears at the Montreal International Jazz Festival: a must-see for music lovers, this internationally renowned event welcomes over 3,000 artists from 30 different countries each year. More than 2 million festival-goers stroll the streets of the city to attend some of the 1,000 concerts presented!

Play cowboys at the Calgary Stampede: One of the largest rodeos in the world, the Calgary Stampede is a festival that attracts over one million visitors each year. For a few weeks, the city takes on a festive air: residents dress up as cowboys, buildings and storefronts are decorated in western style and barbecues and pancake breakfasts are held everywhere.

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