6 reasons to study in Canada 🇨🇦



It’s a fact, Canadian universities are highly regarded academically as 4 of them are in the top 100 of the Shanghai 2020 ranking, with Toronto 23rd, University of British Columbia 38th, McGill 78th and McMaster 98th. In addition to academic excellence, most of them have state-of-the-art tools. I am thinking in particular of the University of Montreal which has particularly well-equipped physics labs. 💪

Nevertheless you can imagine that these universities which are among the best in the world are very selective. If you want to have the chance to do a semester or a year there you will need a very good academic record, and this is prepared from High School!

Sometimes you will even have to take additional courses depending on the year you want to enter. This will be a refresher course, especially in the scientific programs where the level is higher than in France.

Also, don’t neglect your extracurricular activities or professional experience, because if in France grades are more important, in the Anglo-Saxon environment what you do outside of class is as important as your academic record. For example, if you want to go to a 3rd year university, it is inconceivable not to have at least one professional, associative or cultural experience. We expect healthy minds in healthy bodies!


View of Toronto in Canada
Canadian cities are different from what we have in Europe, it’s great to study! Here Toronto! 🇨🇦



Canada is one of the countries that attracts the most international students (and many French). The experiences you will have will be a great wealth, because you will be able to meet many different personalities and cultures, which will allow you to acquire a great open-mindedness.

In fact, this is one of the things that impressed me the most when I studied in Canada, because you are accepted as you are and it doesn’t matter where you come from, it always makes people curious!

Most people will come to you easily, and are super friendly and warm! Don’t worry about being alone and away from your loved ones, because you’ll make lots of new friends! (And who knows, maybe you’ll find your cheum? 😍) This natural ease of making connections is what I think makes Canada different from France (with the Quebec accent, but I’m getting there!).

When I returned to Europe, the shock was hard because I found myself all alone at the university in the middle of thousands of students, the others staying in small groups. If you don’t know anyone, it’s less easy to make friends, whereas in Canada it’s different, people will naturally give you opportunities to integrate… then it may sound stereotypical, but it’s true, French people are always popular! 😊



Having experience abroad is highly valued on a resume! 👍

It shows that you are open-minded and therefore able to adapt to deal with many different situations that might arise. This is something that recruiters will pay attention to. But if you have spent time in another country, it also indicates that you are a good or even very good student, because generally it is the best profiles that are selected (this does not mean that you have to be at the top of your class to go).

It is also a proof of your motivation because even if you like to travel, living in a foreign country is not the same thing as taking a vacation for 15 days, you will have to get used to the way of life, to the local culture…

You have to be motivated enough not to give up after a few weeks.

Finally your experience in another country will also allow you to learn or perfect a foreign language and that is very much appreciated by employers because they will be able to give you more responsibilities and you will even be able to have an international career much more easily than if you had stayed in France. 😇

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In Canada, the job market is as dynamic as in France, even more so in some industries. There are many startups being created and this favors employment. Profiles of engineers, developers, and even business schools are in high demand.



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